Shannon Pringle

Registered Dietitian

LANGUAGE(S): English

Progress! Not perfection."


Shannon is a Registered Dietitian who seeks innovative and evidence-based approaches to optimize her client’s wellness. Her goal is to develop personalized nutrition plans that address chronic health challenges, facilitate weight management, and foster healthy lifestyle choices. As part of her practice, Shannon recognizes the powerful link between diet and mental health. This plays an essential role in approaching nutrition with a focus on its impact not only on the body but also the mind.

Shannon’s passion for nutrition began at a young age as a part of her athletic training. She participated in basketball and lacrosse at a competitive level, giving her the opportunity to understand the importance of an optimal diet to fuel the body. She maintains an active lifestyle and is committed to sharing her knowledge and expertise as she helps her clients overcome barriers in making healthy dietary choices.


  • Professional Master’s Diploma (PMDip), Toronto Metropolitan University, 2022
  • Bachelor of Applied Human NutritionUniversity of Guelph, 2018
  • Certification in Population and Public Health Needs Assessments, 2022
  • Population and Public Health Needs Assessments, 2022


  • Providing care at regional cancer centres with the goal of facilitating better clinical outcomes and increased survivorship in the oncologic patient population.
  • Appointed Director of Nutrition at an assisted living facility; responsible for diet and wellness programming to serve the need of 150 residents with complex nutritional requirements.
  • Welcoming River, an adorable beagle cockapoo, into her life.

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