Studio Sharing Program

Nazca Health is excited to launch a Studio Sharing Program designed to foster collaboration and partnership with wellness professionals in our local community.

Through this program, we aim to provide a versatile space for professionals to conduct their classes, sessions, or workshops, expanding their reach and impact. In return, our clinic grows a vibrant community dedicated to holistic health and wellness.

Program Overview

Our objective is to create a partnership between our virtual mental health clinic and wellness professionals, enhancing the range of services available to our community while supporting the growth and development of our partners.

  • Yoga Instructors
  • Art Therapists
  • Dance/Movement Therapists
  • Music Therapists

Studio Sharing Details

Our virtual studio is equipped with high-quality streaming capabilities, interactive tools, and a customizable virtual environment to host a wide range of wellness activities.

The studio can be booked in advance through our online scheduling platform, ensuring availability for your sessions.

  1. Monthly Retainer Fee: A fixed fee allowing unlimited access to the studio space for a set number of hours each month. Ideal for those with a regular schedule of classes or sessions.
  2. Referral Program: Instead of a retainer fee, participants can earn studio hours by referring patients to our clinic. Each referral that results in a new patient registration at our clinic will credit the referrer with a predetermined number of hours for studio use.
  • Visibility: Gain exposure to our existing client base, expanding your audience and potential client list.
  • Community: Join a network of professionals committed to holistic wellness, opening opportunities for collaboration and cross-promotion.
  • Flexibility: Choose the payment option that best suits your business model and preferences.
  • Support: Access our administrative and technical support for scheduling, client management, and virtual studio setup.
  • Adhere to our clinic's standards and guidelines for professionalism and client care.
  • Manage the scheduling and marketing of your sessions.
  • Provide your own insurance coverage for professional liability.
  • Commit to a minimum participation period (e.g., six months) to ensure stability and continuity for our clients.
  1. Submit Application: Complete our online application form, providing details about your professional background, services offered, and preferred payment option.
  2. Interview: Candidates will be invited for a virtual interview to discuss your application and how you envision contributing to our community.
  3. Onboarding: If selected, you'll go through an onboarding session to familiarize yourself with our virtual studio technology and policies.

Start your application today.

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