Client Policies

We understand that circumstances may arise that require our clients to cancel for their scheduled appointments. We require that clients provide a 24-hour notice for any cancellations.

Cancellations made with less than 24 hours’ notice will be subject to the full fee amount of the respective session (e.g., initial consultation, clinical care session).

Refer to our Rates for more information.

Exceptions to this fee will be considered for extenuating circumstances, such as sudden illness or emergencies. We kindly request our clients to contact their service provider directly and/or our clinic via telephone or email at [email protected] for any cancellations.

If you do not show up to your appointment, we will reach out to you via email or phone call 5 minutes after the start of your scheduled appointment.

If we do not receive a response from you, we will make a second attempt to contact you 15 minutes after the start of your scheduled appointment.

After 20 minutes, if we do not receive a response from you and if you have not shown up to your appointment, your appointment will be cancelled. In this case, the service fee that has been paid for your appointment will not be refundable.

If you inform your assigned service provider or a Nazca Health team member about your anticipated late arrival, your assigned service provider will remain in the video call until the you arrive at the agreed-upon late time. In the event that the you do not appear 5 minutes after the proposed late time, your appointment will be cancelled. It is important to note that the total duration of the session will still start from the original start time of your appointment, not the proposed late time.