Colin Granitto

Certified Personal Trainer

LANGUAGE(S): English

Discover the physical and mental benefits that personal training can have in almost every area of life."


Colin is a Certified Personal Trainer with an academic background in fitness and health, and over 9 years of experience in the field. He specializes in various forms of personal training including strength and conditioning, calisthenics and cardio, flexibility and mobility, weight loss, and sport specific training. He works collaboratively with his clients to design and implement individualized training programs that are tailored to help them meet and exceed their goals.

Colin’s passion for sports and fitness started at a young age through his involvement in competitive level hockey and soccer. He went on to complete an honours degree at the University of Toronto in the Biology Specialist Program. This served as the foundation for his comprehensive understanding of human anatomy, physiology, exercise science, and nutrition. Colin applied this knowledge to not only optimize his own training but also that of his peers by piloting the University of Toronto Bodybuilding Club.

Colin champions an evidence-based approach to personal training with a focus on educating his clients on applied exercise science as a part of their workout routines. He trains individuals at all levels of their fitness journey, from beginners to high-level athletes. Colin believes personal training can set the foundation for transformative change in a person’s life as they optimize their physical fitness and experience the mental health benefits of this pursuit.



  • Enjoying a lifelong passion for hockey through his involvement in the Greater Toronto Hockey League.
  • Co-founded the University of Toronto Bodybuilding Club, the first organization of its kind within this academic institution.
  • Established an independent personal training business in 2018, offering services to clients at all levels of athletic performance and fitness experience.

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